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How to Choose a Breckenridge Ski Rental Package

Do you carry the new Parabolic (shaped) skis for rent in Breckenridge?
Yes, all of the skis for rent at our Breckenridge ski shops are shaped, even in our beginner and children’s ski rental packages.  The benefits you gain when you rent shaped skis are so significant that we would never rent you anything else.  We want you to enjoy your skiing vacation to its fullest so we are sure to provide the best ski rentals for the experience.  Shaped skis are easier to learn on, easier to improve your abilities and far easier on your legs.  Due to their construction and width you get the same stability on the snow with a shorter shaped ski as you would with the old straight skis so you can use shorter lengths than you used to.  Since they are so much better it makes sense to offer you the gear for you to rent in order to help you have more fun on your Breckenridge vacation.

How do I know which ski or snowboard package to rent?
Our Breckenridge Sport ski rental package is intended for first time skiers or riders or people who don’t feel comfortable on runs above a Green classification.  These rental skis have a softer flex than our other packages so they absorb bumps and other shocks better, so you don’t feel like you are getting knocked around, thereby increasing your comfort level on the hill.  Performance rental skis are for those who are beginning to ski faster and want to ski Green runs more aggressively or move up to the Blue and Black runs and require a better piece of equipment.  You will be able to advance your skills far more quickly as the edges will stay in contact with the snow as you improve.  Demo ski rental packages from our Breckenridge CO ski shop are the best money can buy.  Meant for the advancing intermediate to expert skiers, and including a more technical boot, these rental skis are extremely versatile and will help you take giant leaps with your skiing ability.  You will be amazed at how well you ski all of the different terrain and snow conditions in Breckenridge.

Our Breckenridge snowboard rental package is an all-mountain Freeride board that beginners to advanced intermediates will enjoy.  These rental boards are meant for pretty much anybody and can be taken anywhere you want to go out on the mountain at Breckenridge Ski Resort.  Demo snowboard rentals, like our Demo ski rental packages, are the best of the best.  If you are a good snowboarder but want to be great on any terrain and every condition, this is the board rental for you.

The Children’s ski and board rental packages are meant for the youngsters in your clan.  Much shorter and lighter than our adult ski rental packages, yet equally great quality, your children will be able to keep up with you on their own equipment.  To qualify for the child’s skis they must wear a shoe that is size 6 or smaller and weigh less than 90 pounds.  Children’s board rentals in Breckenridge require a size 6 or smaller shoe and they must be 5 feet tall or shorter.

What length ski or board should I rent?
Shaped ski rentals that we offer at our Breckenridge retail ski shop allow you to use shorter lengths than you may be used to.  An intermediate skier that is 5’10” would likely use a shaped ski that is 170cm in length.  If you are not very familiar with the proper size for ski rental the members of your party you can just leave that field blank and we can go by your height and skier ability and determine the perfect size rental for everyone.

Do you offer damage protection for my ski rental?
Yes. Damage coverage is built into the price of your equipment rentals. This covers damage caused during normal skiing such as scratches and core shots, broken boots or poles. Even during good snow years you can incur damage to your rental equipment due to rocks that are not completely covered. The Damage Waiver can easily save you over $40 plus per rental if you do happen to cause damage to the Breckenridge rental equipment. The ski and board rental damage waiver does NOT cover loss or theft of the rental equipment while it is in your possession and does not cover extensive damage that is considered by us to be negligence or abuse, such as skiing across the road or into the parking lot.

Ski and Snowboard Shops and Accessories in Breckenridge

Do you rent snowboard or ski helmets?
Yes, we rent both children and adult helmets. They are available for $5/day in addition to your equipment rental.  We do recommend everyone wear a helmet when participating in snow sports. Skier to skier contact is the number one cause of injuries on the hill and a helmet can save you from a signigicant injury.  You can easily add a helmet to your online equipment reservation.

Do you rent ski clothing in Breckenridge?
Yes, our shop has both ski jackets and pants for rent daily. Snowboard and ski jackets rent for $10/day, pants for $5/day and both together are only $12/day.  These cannot be booked online, but you can email us at to notify us that you would like us to hold some for you.

How to Rent Skis in Breckenridge Colorado

Where can I pick up my snowboard and ski rental equipment?
You will pick up your rentals at Peak Ski & Bike at 100 S. Park Avenue in the lower level of River Mountain Lodge.

If we arrive the day before we are going to be skiing, can we pick up our rental skis and boards early?
We encourage you to come in to get your ski or snowboard rental after 3pm the day before you will be skiing.  Due to ski lessons starting so early and the tendency for the stores to be more crowded in the morning, you may have a difficulty getting your gear and making it on time for those lessons.  Plus it makes it much more pleasant for you that day to get out to the mountain without being rushed.  There is no charge to pick up your ski or board rental after 3pm the day before your reservation.  When you make your rental reservation please note on the form that your pick-up day will be the prior day to when you will actually begin skiing.

Can I exchange my rental equipment if I have any problems?
Yes.  We want you to be completely satisfied with our skis and boards, so you may return your equipment at any time in order to get the right gear.  With the older straight skis you needed to be a much better skier to handle the higher performance equipment.  But with the shaped skis you will be surprised at how well you will be able to handle a more aggressive ski and how much better you will be able to tackle the mountain.  So you can also trade up to a higher level of rental equipment as your skills improve and just pay the difference in rates when you swap. 

Do not go to another Breckenridge ski shop if you do have any problems with gear you rented from our store, as they will legally not be able to assist you.  If you ski a few runs and your gear does not feel good or right for you come back in and we will work on the problem.  You want to do this sooner rather than later.  Typically we find that it is usually a small problem and easy fix.  Please don’t stay out on the hill and let the problem get worse.  We are here to help and we want to make absolutely sure that we give you the best service that we can.

What if I return my rental equipment early?
Sorry, we do not give refunds for early returns.  We strongly suggest that you book your gear for the minimum number of days that you know you will be skiing.  You can always add days when you are sure you are going to continue.

Can I reserve a specific ski or snowboard to rent?
We are unable to guarantee a particular brand or model ski or snowboard.  We do guarantee that when you rent with us you will receive great equipment in the ski rental package that you requested.

I would like to try snowboarding in Breckenridge.  Is it hard to learn?  Can I exchange my rental skis for a board?
Absolutely!  Snowboarding is a lot of fun but can be challenging in the beginning.  A lesson with a professional instructor will help you get through the hard part quickly and the learning curve is extremely short.  You can trade your skis for a snowboard rental but there may be a price adjustment.

What if I have my own ski or snowboard boots?
Check the box that says "I have my own boots" on the online reservation form and the difference of $3/day will be deducted from your total rental cost.

Do you have really small and really large sized ski and snowboard boots?
We carry the smallest ski and snowboard boots made.  Our ski boots go up to a size 17, boots for strap-in snowboard bindings go up to size 16, all the largest in the industry.

When should I make my Breckenridge ski rental reservation?

In order to make sure that you get the rental equipment you want it is recommended that you make your ski or board reservation as early as possible.

Do you have any recommendations for Breckenridge lodging near your stores?
Wyndham Vacation Rentals provides a full selection of lodging accommodations in Breckenridge.  From hotel suites to 6-bedroom luxury homes, you're sure to find what you're looking for.  Visit Breckenridge Lodging for information on Breckenridge vacation rentals or go to

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