Armada Tracer 108


The new Armada Tracer 108 is an excellent option for the aggressive skier looking for a ski that slays the deep yet still charges in bounds. Armada's has created a flex pattern that is easy into a turn, quick to maneuver, and rigid enough to motor through cruddy, sun damaged snow. EST Rocker keeps you floating and smearing while making the Tracer 108 a delight to ride in any condition. The Comp Series Base is the fastest that Armada builds to help keep you gliding as fast as possible because no one wants to get passed on the High-T on their way to some freshies.

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Feb 21, 2012

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Feb 26, 2013

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Breckenridge Ski Resort is OPEN FOR THE SEASON!

You are likely doing your research on the best place to stay, the best restaurants, and where to get your ski lessons for the family.  Don't forget about your equipment rentals.

Peak Ski & Bike has the best selection of skis in Summit County.  We offer the best rates around, and we tune our gear every time that it comes back from a rental, so always pristine gear.  We are featuring the Nordica Enforcer 110 this season.  Winner of numerous awards, these skis are powerful, yet offer a nuance that few other skis can match.  

Come check us out.

Nov 15, 2017

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