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The 2015 Nordica Soul Rider is an incredibly balanced all-mountain twin that's just plain fun to be on. The All Mountain CamRock in the tip and tail and tight turn radius makes for exceptionally intuitive turn initiation, and the softer flex is easy to deeply bend into turns. At the same time, the Soul Rider's solid and snappy Energy 2 Carbon core carves with confidence and is very comfortable tilted high up on edge. Extremely maneuverable, the Soul Rider zippers through bumps and slinks through tight woods with finesse and ease. A 97mm waist is a great compromise between float and edge hold, and excels on all but the deepest and firmest days. The tips and tails are soft enough to press and butter, and smooth out rough landings. A versatile all-mountain twin, the Soul Rider encourages its pilot to be playful and creative. The Soul Rider dimensions are 134-97-124 and come in lengths of 169cm, 177cm, and 185cm.

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Feb 21, 2012

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Feb 26, 2013

Shot of the Week

Summer has arrived, folks!  And it's time to do some biking!

Riding down Vail Pass is an activity that has become incredibly popular over the years.  Beginning on June 2, 2017, Peak Ski & Bike will be operating under a Special Use Permit from the US Forest Service, to provide shuttle service to guests to the summit of Vail Pass.  This gives access to a 14 mile downhill ride, where you can be picked up.  Or, if you want to test yourself, you can even bike back to Breckenridge, to enjoy even more of what Colorado has to offer.


Peak Ski & bike is one of only 12 companies IN THE WORLD that has this permit, so give us a shout.  We can make your vacation the best it can be.

Jun 1, 2017

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